Bartending Robots come of age...

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Are Bartenders' days numbered? Bartending has just got a booster of sorts as British and Japanese researchers have developed a robot that may give bartenders a run for their money. And soon.

The robot called Mr. Asahi can pull pints, pour drinks and open bottles at high speed without asking for orders to be repeated, says an ANI report. It has been named after the Japanese beer company Asahi, that is looking after it on its US tour these days.

Mr. Asahi's creators used the latest robotic technology to make it, and it took eight engineers and 200 man-hours to assemble. The robot's movements involve animatronics, usually used in film special effects, with compressed air controlled and regulated through valves and switching mechanisms.

Hardware concealed under Mr. Asahi's revolving bar top drives him and a barrel of beer, meaning that the robot weighs a quarter of a ton. Its makers claim that it can consistently serve people in less than two minutes.


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