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dogs love beer


A Dog Steals & Drinks Beer? Who says dogs don’t love cool beverages? Dogs, in fact, look forward to drinks like colas, squashes, buttermilk, flavoured milk and even beer! Finally, some good news for the beeraholic dogs and their masters (who love to pamper their canines).

A report from Melbourne states that Dog Beer, or DB, has been designed by Sydney pet supplies store owner Elise Schumacher after she observed her own dogs, named Louis and Vuiton, jumping for drops of beer.


And thus, Schumacher invented Dog Beer, which is just like real beer sans alcohol. After DB, just like VB, and the slogan is, “Shout your best friend a beer. Dogs really love human beer but it’s bad for them, www.news.com.au has quoted her. Schumacher said that the hops in beer could cause dogs to have seizures while the carbon can lead some to die.

In a bid to keep her family pets happy, Schumacher, owner of Paws Point store in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, decided to create a canine-friendly beer. After researching how to brew her own beer, the mother of two then had to taste test the beef flavours. It tastes like beef and smells like beer, she said.

The special beer is packaged in brown bottles identical to those of normal beers and is sold in local cafes and for barbecues. It also costs as much as regular beer, with customers paying Aus $5 a bottle. People pick up a few bottles for their dogs, she informs. Do we now look forward to Bars for dogs.


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