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Retake by Ravi V.Chhabra

The Sugar-Free Feast!

RETAKE / Ravi V. Chhabra



Bachan as a chef in UK

An obsessive chef. An Indian restaurant in London. And lots of spice!The canvas comes to life in Cheeni Kum with a perfectionist chef-restaurateur, Amitabh Bachchan instructing his team of men-in-apron the art of turning out the world's finest Zafrani Biryani!

Indeed, the delicacy tempts your senses and you wish to instantly tuck into a plate of fragrant Hyderabadi Zafrani Biryani . The latest potboiler from Bollywood's kitchen, Cheeni Kum promises to be a great treat for both cinema and food lovers alike! It is a pleasant reminder that Indian cuisine is popularly savoured even by the English people (read Indian curry with rice, chicken tikka masala and seekh kebabs to name a few).


A mistakenly sweetened Zafrani Biryani, London's rainy weather and an umbrella catalyses the romance between the lead artists, Amitabh and Tabu. Directed by C. Sreeram, Cheeni Kum is a candid love story between two mature people with an age-gap of three-decades. The master chef, Big B ultimately concedes the flaw in his restaurant’s Biryani when it is pitted against the perfect one made and sent for him by Tabu.

How does one prepare a sumptuous Zafrani Dum Biryani, a delicacy especially crafted for and loved by the royals of Awadh?

Zafrani BiryaniRead on for the recipe... Zafrani dum biryani/Ingredients: Servings for 2 A) Basmati rice- 400 grams B) Yoghurt-50 grams D) Lime juice- 1 lemon C) Pinch of Saffron D) Cloves E) Whole black pepper F) Cardomom G) Salt to taste H) Whole green chillies.

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NOTE: For complete preparation methododology, contact: Chef Amitabh Bachchan at  Jalsa, Mumbai.