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" The 3 things you can't live without: Food, beverages

                and politics. The rest is recreation. Music is complimentary". - rVc


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The specialized news and features (webzine) fnbworld.com {News for Soul} is a part of  Right Impact Media Inc. (RIM Inc.) that was informally formed in the year 2003 for avocation by media specialists with hands-on experience of more than 3 decades in the field of journalism, mass communication, public relations and advertising.


The fnbworld.com (News for Soul) is a unique collage that  provides and disseminates  news, essays/opinion articles/columns and photo-features by experts and showcases lifestyle activities by celebrating good living...



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The RIM Inc. offers a host of media activities that range from commissioning and organizing India-centric news and features, public relations advisory, conceptualizing and hosting websites and providing focussed content for print and web.

www.fnbworld.com {News for Soul} - the online magazine is a part of RIM Inc. that offers editorials/opinion articles, covers news, devices specialized features and showcases worldwide trends in the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry, health, politics and recreation domains. Although we are India-centric, we are global in content and outlook. We have exclusive tie-ups with varied F & B and leisure companies.


Editorially, we cover news, features, profiles, interviews and related trivia from a wide spectrum: Politics, leisure, human interest articles, scholarly columns, cinema critique, book reviews, music profiles, blah...blah. Stick around. We, at fnbworld, do it differently. Remember to click on the flanks and on header-banner that may or may NOT be sponsored!!


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