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Bismillah Khan, July 17, 2010

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Saturday Night Fresh Initiative

Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram with video (inside/features)

and lyrics below:

Ustad Bismillah Khan


Ragh upati Raghav Raja Ram (sometimes called Ram Dhun)

is a popular bhajan (Hindu devotional song) that was a favorite

of Mahatma Gandhi. The version that is most common

was put to music by Vishnu Digambar Paluskar  and was

sung by Gandhi and his followers as they walked during

the 241 mile Salt March to Dandi.



The version popularized by Mahatma Gandhi:




Raghupati Raaghav Raajaaraam, patit paavan sitaram

siitaaraam, sitaram, bhaj pyaare tu sitaram, iishvar Allah

tero naam, sab ko sanmati de bhagavaan


Lord Rama, Chief of the house of Raghu,

Uplifters of those

who have fallen, (O divine couple) Sita and Rama,
Beloved, praise Sita and Rama, God or Allah is your name,

(meaning that the supreme can be called by many names), 

Lord, bless everyone with this wisdom.

Original lyrics:

Raghupathi raghava rajaram
Pathithapaavana sitharam
Sundhara vigraha meghashyam
Ganga tulasi salagram
Bhadra girishwara sitharam
Bhakatha janapriya sitharam
Janaki ramana sitharam
Jaya jaya raghava sitharam

Sometimes these words are added:

Jai Raghunandan, Jai Siyaa Raam,
Jaanakii Vallabh Siita Raam.

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