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Traditionally, a mojito is a delicious and easy to make cocktail that consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint. The Mojito is undoubtedly one of the most popular cocktails. It is the perfect summer drink which refreshes you. There are many variations to the drink. Here is one simple recipe.

Total time to make it: 10 min

Yield: 4 servings




6 ounces light rum

10 mint sprigs 

6 tablespoons fresh lime juice

4 tablespoons sugar

Club soda

4 slices lime


1. Put ice in a beverage shaker 

2. Add rum, 8 broken up mint sprigs, lime juice and sugar. 

3. Shake well and serve over ice in a high ball glass. 

4. Top each glass with club soda. 

5. Garnish each with a slice of lime and mint leaves.