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Tangy drink


Refreshing Tornado Twist

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Mocktails, flavoured with just a splash of juice and thus cut out the most expensive ingredient - alcohol. It represents a healthy and colourful celebration drink that takes  the spirit of the occasion to the next level. You get to sip a satisfying drink without burning a hole in your pocket.


Tornado Twist is a very spicy, tasteful, tantalizing, tempting recipe. Cranberry-raspberry juice is softened with the sparkle of lemon-lime soda, you can call it a strong cranberry and citrus combination. Also, this is a wonderful way to get kids to drink more juice! Tornado twist is great for those who don’t like the bitter taste of cranberry. This recipe is simple and you can easily make the delicious mocktail at home.


• 12 ounce cranberry-raspberry juice 
• 12 ounce lemon lime soda 
serves 2


In a jar, mix lemon-lime soda with cranberry-raspberry juice

Pour in a glass full with ice and serve.

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